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About Chandler Parks

Strategic Master Plan




The purpose of the Chandler Parks Strategic Master Plan is to take an objective look at the parks in Chandler and provide guidance, strategies, and operational policies that will position the City in such a way that current and future generations will want to live, work, and play in Chandler.

A consistent theme throughout the development of this plan is Chandler’s commitment to a quality parks system that delivers high-quality parks for all residents, while contributing to the quality of life of Chandler.

Through the development of the strategic master plan, Chandler is nearing the completion of its vision for a park in every square mile of residential development. This plan will provide guidance for investing in Chandler’s existing parks and future parks.

The Chandler Community Services department strives to provide all residents the opportunity to connect with other residents, explore nature, and remain physically active through well maintain parks and open spaces. With more than 60 parks in Chandler, a variety of park programs to participate in and the option to rent fields and pavilions for life celebrations, residents and visitors have plenty of options to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

The City of Chandler has partnered with a team of consultants to develop a Strategic Master Plan. City staff will oversee and drive the study’s process with the guidance from members from the consultant team, see below to learn more about the consultant team.


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